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Over 185+ school districts as well as over 50 municipalities; fire districts, towns, and libraries currently use the Bold Election Management System. Bold EMS brings your election into the 21st Century, transforming time-consuming, costly, manual maintenance of voting records into an automated, streamlined system of services designed specifically to meet your needs.

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Automated Voter Records Management

Streamline voter records

Automated Voter Records Management

Say goodbye to manual record updates. Our system replaces paper records with a customized computer database, incorporating multiple counties and in-district voters. Access voter information via a secure website.

Optimize Staffing Efficiency

Efficient Election Staffing Solutions

Bold EMS reduces election labor costs. Our Electronic Poll Books (eBooks) or Traditional Paper Poll Books enable a staff reduction, while increasing voter check-in efficiency

Efficient Election Staffing Solutions
Enhanced Voter Registration and Data Analysis

Enhance Data Accuracy

Enhanced Voter Registration and Data Analysis

Our system streamlines voter registration by not only listing district residences but also expertly carving out district boundaries, showing only what belongs. In addition to this, we offer deep insights into your electorate, including in-depth statistical and demographic analysis that supports FOIL Requests/reporting.


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Enhance your voting process with reliability and efficiency.

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The Benefits are Bold

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Cost-Efficient Election Management

Reduce costs and manual labor by up to 50% with our EMS system.

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Multi-County District Expertise

Expertise in serving districts across multiple counties, streamlining lists.

Integrated Voter Database Icon

Integrated Voter Database

Precise, validated database integrating County and “In-District” Voters.

Secure Voter Information Access Icon

Secure Voter Information Access

Secure and user-friendly website accessible from any device.

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Tailored Street

Unique street listing tailored to your district boundaries.

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Inclusive Election Solutions

Inclusive services: comprehensive training, on-site support, all at one low price.


Everything You Need for a Successful Election

Our services encompass comprehensive election support, including customized street maps, Electronic Poll Books (eBooks) or Traditional Paper Book, communication tools like Voter Registration Postcards and Absentee Envelopes, efficient management of various absentee voter categories, easy management and tracking of Permanently Sick and Disabled, Military, and Requested Absentees, as well as the ability to easily answer FOIL requests. Additionally, we offer training to ensure your election staff is well-prepared for the tasks at hand. Our services also provide invaluable post-election tools for turnout comparisons and voter history reporting.

Efficient. Secure. Bold.

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